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Nanda Environment DAPF-21000 Explosion-proof Dedusting Equipment Used in Plastic Raw Material Dedusting Projects Has Obvious Effect (with Comparative Data Demonstration)

防爆除尘设备 同样是转介绍,这也从侧面反映出客户对我公司的产品以及服务的认可。 Nengda Environment often receives re-introduction orders from old customers. The explosion-proof dedusting equipment purchased by Changzhou Plastics Technology Co., Ltd. "Feeding Dust Removal Project" will also be referred to this article . This also reflects from the side that customers Recognition of products and services. 湿式除尘器 布袋除尘器 或者 滤筒除尘器 Explosion-proof dust removal equipment can be designed to use wet dust collector , bag dust collector or filter cartridge dust collector according to different media and working conditions . Good reputation and image have gradually formed a competitive advantage that can reach the environment itself. The world ’s great salesman, Joe Gillard, summed up the "250 Laws" in the commercial warfare that there are roughly 250 relatives and friends behind each customer, and these people can become potential customers. Noda Environment hopes that in the future cooperation, it can rely on the good reputation of the old customers, excellent products, and high-quality and thoughtful service belts to continuously cooperate with new partners.

Recently, although the north wind is lingering, the workshop of Noda Environment is enthusiastic. It is in full swing. A set of equipment is loaded and delivered to customers in an orderly manner. It has ushered in the peak of shipments at the end of 2018.

In a plastic dust removal project of a plastic technology company in Changzhou, the mixing and extrusion production lines need dust control. Entrusted by the customer, our company appointed technical personnel to rush to the site to conduct on-site measurement and collection of project parameters and processing requirements, equipment use and discharge location space, engineering boundary definition, equipment control requirements, and public engineering conditions. It is clear that there are 6 mixers with Φ1000 in the mixing station, and 5 extrusion lines. Dust removal is required at the mixer feeding and discharging ports and the feeding line of the extrusion line.

After the technical staff collected and sorted the relevant data on site, combined with the relevant parameters, the following conclusions were determined:

,风量可达21000 m3/h; 1. Adopt one set of explosion-proof dust removal equipment , the air volume can reach 21000 m3 / h;

2. The mixing station is equipped with a set of movable dust extraction hood and a set of fixed dust extraction hood;

3. A set of fixed dust hood is set at the feeding port of the extrusion station;

Nengda environmental engineers conducted a strict analysis and comparison of actual data and site conditions, followed relevant standards and specifications, and submitted a reasonable, economical and professional design plan for dust management projects in accordance with our company's past case management experience in this type of dust It is highly recognized by customers. 1套。 After sufficient market research and repeated technical verification of the plan, the customer finally ordered a set of DAPF-21000 explosion-proof dust removal equipment from Nengda Environmental Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. This signifies that a plastic technology company in Changzhou and Nanda Environmental Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. have formally established a win-win cooperation and a mutually beneficial friendly relationship.

[Customer] A certain Changzhou Plastic Technology Co., Ltd.

[Project] Plastic Dedusting Project

[Applicable occasions] Dust treatment during the process of feeding, stirring, unloading, and extrusion during the production of plastic particles and plastic masterbatches

[Delivery period] Two months

[Place of installation] Wujin District, Changzhou

生产图 Production drawing of explosion-proof dust removal equipment

进行到焊接装配工序。 The workers in the workshop are not afraid of the cold, and the production work is in full swing. The picture shows the explosion-proof dust removal equipment to the welding and assembly process.


现已初具雏形 The environmental production department lasted more than half a month, and the explosion-proof dust removal equipment has begun to take shape.


工艺技术路线 Explosion-proof dust removal equipment process technology route

,该系统的组成可分为六个部分:防爆除尘设备 、风机、控制系统、吸尘罩、风管和其他机械附件,整个系统利用较少的能源实现达标排放。 According to the customer's work station layout and dust emission characteristics, Noda Environment adopts the combined process of “fixed dust hood and mobile dust hood combined dust collection + high-efficiency filter cartridge filter” for processing, and selects one set of Noda DAPF-21000 explosion-proof dust removal equipment , the system's composition can be divided into six parts: explosion-proof dust removal equipment , fans, control systems, dust extraction hoods, ducts and other mechanical accessories, the entire system uses less energy to achieve standard emissions.

,过滤净化后的气体经检测达标后排放。 The dust in the workshop is collected through the dust suction hood, and is transported through the pipeline to the explosion-proof dust removal equipment under the action of the fan. The filtered and purified gas is discharged after the detection reaches the standard.

处理工艺流程图 Process flow chart of explosion-proof dust removal equipment

Feeding and discharging dust → supplementary air hood → collecting air duct → main air duct → high efficiency filter → fan → discharge

Each suction hood has a manual control valve that can be closed or opened individually.

Commissioning of explosion-proof dust removal equipment before leaving the factory


Explosion-proof dust removal equipment ready for shipment after loading

Noda Environment arranges professionals to assist in checking and counting to avoid wrong or missed hair. All links are proceeding in an orderly manner.


Explosion-proof dust removal equipment safely arrived at the installation site in Wujin District, Changzhou

到达客户现场后,双方按照发货清单进行开箱检查,核对数量、材质等,确定符合技术协议中列明的要求。 The Noda Environmental Logistics Department rushed to the customer site for installation with the vehicle. After the explosion-proof dust removal equipment arrived at the customer site, the two parties performed unpacking inspection according to the shipping list, checked the quantity and material, and determined that they met the requirements specified in the technical agreement.

体型较大,物流部人员协同现场其他熟悉场地的工作人员,较大限度地协调了场地、吊运、人手等。 Due to the large size of the explosion-proof dust removal equipment , the personnel of the logistics department cooperated with other site staff familiar with the site to coordinate the site, lifting, and manpower to a large extent. During the loading and unloading process, handle it gently to avoid secondary damage caused by external forces such as impact friction, ensuring the safety of the unloading of the explosion-proof dust collector.

Unloading diagram of explosion-proof dust removal equipment




Installation of explosion-proof dust removal equipment is complete

完成安装后,单机(如高效除尘器、风机等)运行正常。 After the explosion-proof dust removal equipment is installed, the single machine (such as high-efficiency dust collector, fan, etc.) runs normally. After the online commissioning is completed, the customer tests the parameters such as the processing capacity and emission index of the explosion-proof precipitator. After testing, the results meet the inspection indicators of the technical agreement, and the system is qualified and accepted by both parties.


The competitive advantage of our customers is our top priority. We pay close attention to the customer's process flow, market trends and challenges, and combine professional technical knowledge with system operation experience to develop customized cost-effective solutions to improve our customers' long-term competitiveness. 运行过程中降低耗电量和简化维护成了必须重视的部分。 Therefore, in the process of explosion-proof dust removal equipment , reducing power consumption and simplifying maintenance have become important parts. The unique dust removal system design of Noda Environment greatly reduces the working pressure of operation and maintenance personnel, and reduces the operation and maintenance cost.

的运行功率降低了30%,为客户节省了大量的费用。 Noda Environment through the scientific dust capture design, piping system design and dust collector design, and combined with our operating conditions in similar operating conditions, the entire explosion-proof dust removal equipment operating power has been reduced by 30%, saving customers a lot of costs. Taking this feeding dust removal project as an example, the total input power of the original dust removal system was about 35kW, but due to the unreasonable selection design of the original dust removal system and the unscientific design of the dust removal pipeline, it failed to effectively filter the dust on one hand and the emissions did not always meet the standards On the other hand, running costs are higher. After the user replaced the environmentally-friendly explosion-proof dust collector, the total power plummeted to 22kW. Let's take an annual running time of 4,000 hours as an example: the electricity cost saved in one year = (35-22) kW * 4000h * 0.85 yuan / kWh = 44200 yuan.

1个月后,在能达环境的一次售后走访中热情反馈:以前的排放不达标,该套除尘系统有效解决了工作现场的粉尘污染,大大改善了工作环境,降低了能耗,同时降低了排放浓度,室外排放环境经第三方检测,排放完全达标,困难轻松解决,心里的石头终于落地。 After using the explosion-proof dust removal equipment for one month, the customer enthusiastically feedbacked during an after-sales visit to reach the environment: the previous emissions did not meet the standards. The dust removal system effectively solved the dust pollution at the work site, greatly improved the working environment and reduced energy At the same time, the emission concentration was reduced. The outdoor emission environment was tested by a third party, and the emissions fully met the standards. The difficulties were easily resolved, and the stones in my heart finally landed.

Customers are our parents. To serve them well, we need to know what our "parents" really need? Noda Environment not only produces high-quality products, provides high-quality services, but also has a group of technical teams with more than ten years of industry experience to provide you with professional and cost-effective solutions tailored to meet your needs and exceed yours. Expect.

24-hour technical telephone (same as WeChat): Mr. Xue 13706116059, welcome to come to our company for consultation and inspection.

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